Friday, January 4, 2008

Smoking and Back Pain

I couple of months ago my mom and I were chatting about back pain and she mentioned that hers had cleared up after she had quit smoking and how she has noticed that most people she knows who are chronic smokers seem to have back pain. She wondered if there was a connection. We figured it was probably coincidence but I was online yesterday and I came across this website by a doctor saying that smoking and back pain ARE related. Because smoking restricts oxygen in the blood and the spine is particularly susceptible to injury because of it. He highly recommended quiting if you have a back problem or are going in for surgery. Is that crazy or what?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clock Reading

I was unable on new years day to go to Kinko's but I went today and photo copied many empty clock faces and I am going to spend some time this afternoon chopping them out and gluing them on index cards and then drawing little hands on them. Its going to be like art period in day care.


So why is it that men expect women to be shaved, well dressed, groomed, and above all take pride in there appearance, yet they don't actually trim their hair, take baths, exercise, or dress well. They feel that there slovenly look is somehow going against the norm, which makes it cool. I will add that I have heard more than once that asking them to dress better cut there hair or just bath more often, makes them say "you cant change who I am" I really don't think a nicer pair of jeans is really going to change anyone's personality but...I'm going to add hear that I read somewhere that 40% of men will die virgins. Perhaps this is because of such attitudes towards changing. I'm also going to add that most women do have sex before they die. If you think about that that means that 60 percent of men are having 100% of the sex in the world. Just gos to show, nice clothes may not make a man but they might get him laid.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Okay Okay I said I wasn't going to write anything personal. I lied. Okay?

I find it difficult to relate to people I have had sex with. I don't really understand it. Nothing has really changed except the fact that I have had sex with them. But. I can't think of them the same way again. It makes my life very weird. I was thinking about this (because I keep running into said people) and I was thinking that perhaps it is because of some chemical reaction that happens in the brain when I orgasm. There is a difference in how I relate to people who I have had good sex with, rather than blaw sex. I'm less attached and I'm less upset when they don't call me. Although that could be because I don't really like them.

I wish it were so that the people who were really good at sex were also really nice afterwords. But it just isn't so.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year

I have never been one to create new years resolutions, mostly cause I found after the fist time it felt very artificial and I didn't stick to them. However this year my usual decision to change something has co-incided with the new year so in the spirit of the new year I will call it a resolution. I am going to help change my brain. Yep that's right folks. Change my brain. I have noticed that I have gotten slower and stupider over the last five years and I just read a book about neuroplasticity which says ts a matter of use it or loose it. The way to stay smart is to use your brain and grow more neurons. So that's what I'm going to do. I am creating exercises to develop parts of my brain that I don't feel are working well and then I will do them to make myself smarter.

The first exercise is based on one that I read in the book I will create flash cards of clocks and learn to read a clock faster. Mostly because I have always been slow at reading time. It would help me to be abel to read an anilog clock as fast as I can read a digital. I'm going to go down to Kinko's today and photo copy the empty clock face I just drew today and start right in.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After Christmas

It has snowed today. My mom and I had plans, big plans, to go to Moscow and do some shopping and run some errends. But with the snow we have decided we will stay in and do some painting. I should be able to finish up my paint the living room project. Hear is a picture of the before and after color.
Rather dramatic diffence eh?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting back on the Horsie

I'm back you thought I would flake out again and not write. Ha ha.

I am working on cleaning up my desk. It's actually harder than it might sound. I have no room in my room so I have to find a 'spot' for everything. I can't just shove it in a corner and ignore it. Although I will admit I try that some times. I realized to today that I really love my desk. It is large and flat and I can spread out my projects and really see what I'm doing without hurting my back by doing that on the floor. Only thing is empty spaces cry out to be filled and gosh is it hard for me not to stick stuff on there. Its a constant battle which I will return to now.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Forever and a Day

I have been ambivalent about writing on hear. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't write about anything that is too personal, just ideas so that I wouldn't feel weird when anyone I knew read it. After all my mom reads it. But I sort of went back on that. Started writing about family and dates and things like that. Its very important when I made a deal with myself that I keep it because I get very weird about it if I don't. So from now on I will try and be good about sticking to my deal. Personal stuff off limits. No boyfriends (not that I have one) dates weird family drama, (too much of that) Just ideas and goals and things that are important but not uncomfortable for me to think about other people reading. Funny I really have no problem with complete strangers knowing all that stuff its people who actually know me. Shyness reversed?

My mom has been reading about plasticity of the brain. Its really interesting. And it gives me hope that I don't have to end up a crabby awful no brained old person who is completely incapable of learning. Not if I don't want to. Its a lot of work to keep your brain active but I think it must be worth it.

I am also planning my trip to Ireland. Or should I say figuring out how my trip was planned since I bought a prepackaged trip and now I have no idea were any of this stuff is so I have bought two guide books and a weather proof driving map so that I can lay it all out and not feel as if I'm a complete idiot tourist. I will be of course but I won't feel like it. My birthday will be while I am there I plan to find a nice pub and get really drunk. Hopefully making a lot of friends in the process. I like going to places by myself sometimes. I like to be a free agent so to speak. Talk to whoever and go where ever as well. Although I will admit having a buddy along can make me feel safer. It just depends on what mood I'm in. I'm just hoping I will be in a good one on my birthday.

I also finished my second Novel. Go me. I'm very proud. I am going to edit it as soon as I get back from Ireland in February. I know that sounds like a long time but I read On Writing by Steven King and I think hes right. Give your work sometime to breath. So that when you come back you aren't so attached to it and can see more clearly the mistakes and strengths.